Kachanivka 87

Kachanivka 87

The well No. 87 of Kachanivske field was commissioned in 01.09.1963 by free-flow production method with oil capacity of 24 t/day.

Between 1966 and 1991 the well was operating in mechanical oil extraction mode.

In 16.03.1999 the well operation was seized and killed due to geological reasons.

In 2013, after thorough survey of Kachanivke field by the experts of NAVIGATOR KOMPLEKT, LLC, it was proposed to restore the well by drilling an inclined well shaft with penetration of productive strata K2, K3, P3 and P4 200-250 m away from the old well shaft No. 87.

Complete cutting-out of a part of the Ø146 mm casing pipe in the interval of 1,339-1,351 m was performed. The inclined side well shaft was drilled on the interval of 1,339-2,050 m with displacement of 231 m. The well drilling was performed using oil emulsion drilling fluid.

The well casing was performed by a Ø102 mm shank.

In the process of the well development oil free flow was achieved with the capacity of 22.0 t/day.



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