Yablunivka 96

Yablunivka 96

One of the early projects implemented by Navigator Komplekt, LLC in the scope of turn-key service was the work on restoration of a killed well No. 96 of Yablunivske oil and gas condensate field by method of side-tracking from Ø168 mm casing pipe.

The entire set of works on construction of the inclined and the horizontal well shafts was executed on turn-key basis – from the design stage to the wells development.

Project lead time – 90 days

Oil capacity before side-tracking – 0 t

Oil capacity after side-tracking – 12 t of oil/day


Window cutting in Ø168 mm casing pipe at the depth of 3,095-3,098 m.

Drilling of the inclined side shaft in the interval of 3,098.6-3,514 m with horizontal end in the interval of 3,514-3,720 m.

Well casing with a Ø114 mm shank with a filter in the productive stratum (delivery of the CP elements and process supervision of the shank lowering and cementation processes).


Organisation of the necessary GIS.

Technical and process support of all operations conducted on the well.

Engineering monitoring of the drilling fluid parameters.

Monitoring of wash fluid purification quality.

Works on the well development.



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Navigator Komplekt, LLC

The Company provides gas and oil wells drilling, integrated repair of drilling stations, restoration of wells by side-tracking method, drilling projects management.

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