Well productivity restoration by side-tracking method

Well productivity restoration by side-tracking method

Today, well productivity restoration by side-tracking method is one of the most promising and environmentally safe directions to increase hydrocarbons extraction.

Many of the Ukrainian fields are virtually depleted after extensive and irrational extraction, while still having considerable residual recoverable hydrocarbon deposits.

This contradictory fact is proved by the experts of the sector, meaning that the geological and technical conditions of deposits production is impossible by old methods.

All the major deposits of Ukraine are already discovered and undergo long-term production.

This has led to what we have nowadays: the hydrocarbon deposits only remain in dead-end or stagnant zones of fields separated by inundated zones.

In order to reach these zones, seldom containing considerable deposits, there is a completely environmentally safe, though efficient, technology.

It does not require allotment of additional areas on the surface for equipment allocation, ground withdrawal from agricultural funds for process needs, creation of unsafe shale pits.

It is the technology of restoration of idle wells by cutting a window in productive pipes with the diameter of 139.7-168.3 mm and drilling a side shaft.

The technology includes the following process operations:

isolation of a shaft section in a productive pipe below the point of side shaft drilling with a cement bridge;

window cutting and removal of the productive pipe section;

drilling of a properly directed side shaft by means of a whipstock (or without it);

drilling of an inclined or horizontal section of the well shaft with displacement from the old bottom;

insertion of a shack with the diameter of 89-114 mm and its cementation;

well development.



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