Wells workover

Oil and gas wells workover

With the help of the partner companies providing the machinery for wells overworking, the experts of Navigator Komplekt, LLC execute well maintenance repair and complex overwork operations.

The well maintenance works include:

change of tubing pipes or rods;

change of a deep well pump or an electrical centrifugal pump;

replacement of an electrical centrifugal pump;

cable replacement;

pump equipment lifting or lowering for survey works in a well.

Well workover operations include:

execution of isolation works;

repair of damaged productive pipes;

transferring of a well to another development capacity;

preparation of a well for fracturing, slot off-loading, acid treatment of a bottom zone, etc., and final works;

cutting in productive pipe (falling of metal objects, cakes build-up);

cement plugs drilling out.

All operations are conducted under supervision and direction of highly qualified experts with strict observation of requirements of regulations and industrial and environmental safety rules.



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Navigator Komplekt, LLC

The Company provides gas and oil wells drilling, integrated repair of drilling stations, restoration of wells by side-tracking method, drilling projects management.

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